Gallop Hire

You are welcome to come and try our surface for yourself.

We are so confident that once you have tried our surface you will love it, which is why we offer this try before you buy!

We have gallops available to hire at our base in Gloucestershire. We train our racehorses on this surface so you can be confident in the fact that we love our product and trust its effectiveness as much as we want you to as well. 

It was due to developing and then using the product ourselves that lead us to set up our business. We found something that worked well, was cost effective and practical to use over and over again and wanted to share it with you. 

The most affordable fibre surface on the market.
All Weather Surface
Remains reliable even in midwinter freezing temperatures.
Test Ride
Come try out our surface at our HQ or request a free sample.
Low Maintenance
Our surface only requires rolling to stay in good shape.

We know as horse owners that every minute is precious when working around horses, whether this be training them on a racing yard, running lessons at a riding school or hosting competitions at a venue and feel that with a low maintenance surface you can then spend less time harrowing or maintaining your surface and more time doing the things you love! 

It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and it super easy to lay. It can be placed directly onto a well draining surface of stone, or mixed in with an existing top layer!

We feel there is no limit to our surface so we welcome any enquiry

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